A bunch of advanced SEO analytics tools for your online business

Analyze your website to learn how to improve your Google rankings and user experience.


Analytics includes:

Rank tracking

Check website rankings in more than 300 location-specific Google search results that may vary by country, region, city, and language. With our free rank tracking tool, you can get daily and real-time ranking updates and track how your website ranks for target keywords. It also covers historical data, so it doesn’t take much effort to monitor ranking changes over time.

Website audit

A comprehensive website audit is a starting point for your online success. Scan your website for existing errors in less than a minute to see what hurdles keep your rankings low. A website audit delivers clear-cut data so that a webmaster can easily spot and fix your website’s technical issues to improve its performance and user experience.

Page Speed Analyzer

Your e-commerce SEO strategy will involve automatically placed premium-quality backlinks. We will only use well-tested SEO practices and niche-related websites in our partner network for link building. This network boasts 220,000 sites covering various industries.


Download the rank tracking, website SEO audit, and speed analysis results in PDF. You can customize how and when you want your reports to be delivered, including receiving email addresses and report schedules.

White label reports:

With a white-label option, you can use Meta agency Analytics tools for the benefit of your customers. Deliver comprehensive reports to whoever you serve using unlimited white-label and delivery templates.

SEO expert support

Your e-commerce SEO strategy will rest on your business needs and Meta agency know-how. We will analyze your niche and competitive landscape to work out a growth hacking plan for your online store. It will then translate into a stupendous solution to expand your target audience and buyers.

Analytics will help you:

Track website performance

Get your hands on the latest insights into your website and put them to good use to enhance its performance.

Get a Google-friendly website

Follow our recommendations to align your website with Google SEO standards and conquer TOP search results.


Gain a competitive edge

Analyze your website and your competitors’ websites to plan a coherent strategy and outmaneuver them on the SERP.

Share analytics data

Use Meta agency infrastructure to create, schedule, and send branded reports to your customers.

Who сan benefit from Analytics?

Freelance SEO specialists

Our innovative technology, 18-year expertise, and 220,000-website network help us take your online store to the next level. We can do that for any e-commerce business, no matter the niche and competitive intensity.

SEO agencies

E-commerce SEO is for all online stores. Even if yours is not Google- and user-friendly yet, we will rectify it with on-page optimization. Our pros will help you develop your business infrastructure, grow your sales, and increase your customer base.

Website owners and managers

When crafting a customized SEO strategy for your e-commerce business, we will factor in your target location and website language. We will then bring it together with proven and safe SEO practices for fantastic results.

Ready to analyze your website?