E-commerce SEO

The SEO tool that increases your online store sales.

Boost your business profits with pay-for-performance e‑commerce SEO.


E-commerce SEO includes:

Keyword research

Let our SEO specialists analyze your website, niche, and competitors to cherry-pick the most relevant traffic-generating keywords. We will focus on long-tail keywords that are proven to drive the highest conversion rates.

Link building

Your e-commerce SEO strategy will involve automatically placed premium-quality backlinks. We will only use well-tested SEO practices and niche-related websites in our partner network for link building. This network boasts 220,000 sites covering various industries.

Website audit

Running a website that complies with Google guidelines is the backbone of a fruitful SEO campaign. That is why our SEO pros will conduct an advanced manual audit of your site and provide a detailed report on how to address the detected issues.

Troubleshooting website errors

Our web developers will do their best to eradicate all technical errors that keep you away from Google TOP. To this end, we will follow the audit recommendations provided by our SEO team.


Content is king. It’s hardly possible to maintain a stable traffic flow without valuable and unique content. Let our creative writers, in tandem with our SEO specialists, create engaging and SEO-friendly text for your website. We can publish it for you, too.

SEO expert support

Your e-commerce SEO strategy will rest on your business needs and Meta agency know-how. We will analyze your niche and competitive landscape to work out a growth hacking plan for your online store. It will then translate into a stupendous solution to expand your target audience and buyers.

E-commerce SEO will help you:


Build a consistent customer flow

E-commerce SEO makes your site rank high for a number of niche keywords. They are all tailored to your web content to grow your target audience.

Ramp up your sales and revenue

When the number of your store visitors increases, so do your sales. That’s how you can yield more in revenue.

Make a website Google-friendly

You can’t maintain a consistent traffic flow and boost your sales unless your website meets Google requirements. Advanced technical optimization, responsive design, and fast loading speed on all devices are too crucial to disregard. Plus, your website needs to be filled with unique content that resonates with your target audience. Leave this to Meta agency professionals to make your website a showpiece of SEO excellence.

Grow your business

Your e-commerce business is bound to grow as we marry established expertise with bountiful technological resources for long-term results. With this pay-for-performance SEO solution, your investments pay off in an instant to set the stage for our cooperation.

Who сan benefit from E-commerce SEO?

E-commerce businesses in all market niches and competition landscapes

Our innovative technology, 18-year expertise, and 220,000-website network help us take your online store to the next level. We can do that for any e-commerce business, no matter the niche and competitive intensity.

Online stores with any business infrastructure and current sales volume

E-commerce SEO is for all online stores. Even if yours is not Google- and user-friendly yet, we will rectify it with on-page optimization. Our pros will help you develop your business infrastructure, grow your sales, and increase your customer base.

Online stores in any location and website language

When crafting a customized SEO strategy for your e-commerce business, we will factor in your target location and website language. We will then bring it together with proven and safe SEO practices for fantastic results.

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