October 12, 2020
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Computer Shop


American English

Domain Age

7 years

Region Of Promotion

United States

Promotion Period

4 months




+ 202%

traffic from organic search


keywords on TOP-10

+ 844

increase in visits per month

Project description

Client Profile

Fateka is an US-based online store where you can buy high-quality electronic devices and computer supplies. This shop offers a wide range of computers, monitors, laptops, tablets, and other accessories and components to them.

SEO Campaign Goals

The long-term objective of our SEO campaign was to boost the domain authority in the eyes of search engines in order to drive more traffic to the website and make the new product pages rank high in Google. We have managed to do that with the help of our customized link building campaign for corresponding pages. What is more, we aimed at increasing brand recognition and enhancing customer trust. 

Today’s market for computers and computer accessories in the U.S. is highly competitive. It means that getting the leading position in this niche might take a lot of time and effort. 

At the outset of the campaign, we agreed to set our sights on promotion the most sought-after and priority pages, including: 

  • general queries like “computer online store” for the homepage
  • product categories (desktops, monitors, GPUs)
  • all other words associated with the products on a site 

Our Strategy

A thorough technical audit makes a recipe for a successful promotion campaign for any website.

That is why on the first stage of our cooperation, we carried out a number of activities to fix the existing technical issues, including: 

  • PageSpeed optimization according to the capabilities of the existing CMS (website is built on Bigcommerce platform) 
  • meta tags and headings optimization with the key queries 
  • 404 error pages fixing
  • robots.txt file modification and actualization 
  • adding alt tags to all product images all over the website
  • implementation of structured data in a format JSON-LD (of ElectronicsStore type) for a website
  • sitemap.xml file optimization: actual sitemap generation (excluding 404/301 error pages, canonical and noindex URLs); submit sitemap.xml file in Search Console. 

What is more, we provided our client with a list of recommendations on how to increase the conversion rate of a website. 

In the course of optimization, we faced one more problem  – a lack of unique content on most pages, including categories, subcategories, and products. That is why we had come up with a conclusion to create relevant SEO content for the homepage as well as for one of the primary categories – GPUs.

It should be noted that during the whole optimization process, our client has been closely cooperating with us, developing unique descriptions for product pages. Updating the website with quality content has always been and continues to be one of our priorities. Now, we continue working under website optimization and filling it with the new content on a regular basis.

Once the new content was uploaded on a website, we got down to link-building within the FullSEO campaign. At first, the main accent was made on promoting general queries as well as the queries for the priority categories and subcategories. Our initial goal was to make the main pages and categories rank in Google TOP for low-frequency keywords, and only then for medium- and high-frequency ones. 

Results & Conclusion

After the month of the SEO campaign for Fateka, we have noticed the first positive results. Thus, thanks to the appearance of the new keywords in Google TOP-100, the website has benefited from a dramatic traffic boost. In 4 months of the SEO promotion, the organic traffic of a website has increased by 3 times. What is more, we have managed to increase the number of keywords in Google TOP-10 from 58 to 3125 words.

The following keywords have got to Google TOP-3

  • computer shop
  • computer store
  • pc store
  • online computer
  • computer accessories store
  • computer supply store
  • lenovo thinkpad t470
  • computer parts online
  • computer hardware store

The homepage of a website has attracted most of the organic traffic. The number of organic users on this page has increased 2.1 times.

These results have been achieved in 4 months owing to the close collaboration between the client and Meta agency SEO specialists, developers, and copywriters.

We’re proud of doing our part for the success of Fateka company and keep working diligently to increase the company’s profits and organic traffic in the future.

Executed works

SSL & redirects fixes

Fix URL Duplicates & Structure Optimization

Indexation Improvements

Website Security & Health Improvements

Page Speed Optimization

On-page optimization

Structured Data Optimization

Content Optimization

Local SEO Optimization

Project Details

Promotion Period: 4 months

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