October 12, 2020
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Project Details





Health Care


Cosmetic and plastic surgery services



Domain Age

8 years

Region Of Promotion

United Kingdom

Promotion Period

6 months




+ 1454%

traffic from organic search


keywords on TOP-10

+ 1657

increase in visits per month

Client said




We’ve been using Meta agency for over 6 months. Started with a trial offer, we are now using a Full SEO package, and we love it. Now we don’t need to hire different people for content writing, site optimization, and SEO promotion – all these are done by the Meta agency team. Thanks to Meta Agency, we experience business growth, and now we are ready to add new services and countries to the promotion campaign. Surgery TR highly recommends Meta agency, our manager Osman in particular.

Project description

Client Profile

Surgery TR is a company that specializes in a new market trend – medical tourism. Not only does it provide cosmetic and plastic surgery services, but it also arranges transfer and accommodation for patients. The most popular Surgery TR’s service is hair transplantation. The region of promotion – the UK.

SEO Campaign Goals

Before switched to FullSEO, it had been promoted within an SEO campaign for 4 months. From the very beginning, the website had no positions in TOP-100. SEO did its bit and helped rank for 179 keywords in TOP-100 and 14 keywords in TOP-10 in 4 months. However, those keywords didn’t bring the desired level of traffic to the website. As SEO wasn’t enough, the client chose to make use of our FullSEO package for custom promotion of all preferred keywords, no matter whether they ranked in TOP-100 or not.

SEO yields positive results for the websites that have multiple keywords ranked in TOP-100 as the Meta agency system places links exactly to these keywords. For the websites that have no keywords in TOP-100, this package isn’t recommended

Our Strategy

The website is in English, meaning that it can be promoted internationally. But we decided to channel our efforts into the UK-specific SEO campaign to achieve the desired results faster. Plus, it needed to be taken into consideration that the company’s target audience had to be ready to travel to Turkey to visit the Surgery TR’s clinic. With that in mind, the UK was the best choice.

Other factors that stood behind this decision included:

  • a large number of web searches for plastic surgery and hair transplantation procedures;
  • the prices for plastic and cosmetic surgeries in the UK are much higher than those in Turkey;
  • the UK is geographically close to Turkey, making it convenient for British patients to travel to the country.

First, we prepared a competitor analysis. Then a massive semantic core was collected and divided between relevant landing pages. The website’s structure was fine, so we didn’t have to add new pages. We started placing custom links to top-priority categories in addition to a general link-building campaign. Below you can find the main promoted categories:

  • FUE hair transplantation 
  • Brazilian butt lift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast enlargement
  • Tummy tuck  
  • Liposuction
  • Dental veneers
  • FUE transplantation results: before and after

At the outset of the SEO campaign, the website had low-quality content. The problem was that copies displayed on category pages didn’t contain any keywords, or they were missing at all. As content writing is included in our FullSEO package (usually 1-2 copies for top-priority pages), and Surgery TR has bought an annual FullSEO subscription, we have written 8 copies for top-priority pages.

What’s more, we conducted an SEO audit and implemented all the SEO recommendations, including:

  • optimization of meta tags
  • fixing 404 pages
  • alt tag optimization
  • adding structured data
  • robots.txt and sitemap.xml files optimization
  • page speed improvement

After adding content and optimizing the website internally, it has experienced a rapid surge in rankings and traffic. That is another testament that unique copies with the right keywords in them and the absence of severe internal mistakes can work wonders.

Results & Conclusion

The promoted pages have got a 14-fold increase in organic traffic and 1,657 more visitors within a 6-month promotion campaign (comparing August metrics to February ones). The rankings of the promoted keywords have also significantly increased, with 317 keywords having got to TOP-10.

The client is now planning to launch a promotion campaign for Spanish-speaking countries. After the Spanish version of the website is created, we’ll start another annual FullSEO campaign for it.

Executed works

Fix URL Duplicates & Structure Optimization

Indexation Improvements

Page Speed Optimization

Structured Data Optimization