October 12, 2020
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Project Details



Real Estate


Real estate agency in Mexico


American English

Domain Age

20 years

Region Of Promotion

United States

Promotion Period

12 months




+ 689%

traffic from organic search


keywords on TOP-10

+ 4664

increase in visits per month

Client said

Jose Luis Escalante

Jose Luis Escalante

project owner

I found Meta agency online and decided to give them a go after an overwhelming amount of different options. We were very pleased with our manager Volodymyr Skyba with all the follow up phone calls emails and weekly reports in our own language. We are number one on several mix of keywords in our industry and the leads have been knocking our emails for several months now. Despite being a webmaster myself I still wonder what is the magic they do to make this happen.

Project description

Client Profile

Baja Properties is a Mexican real estate agency, which has been the market leader since 1986. The company comes up with a unique real estate selection – houses, apartments, villas, and others – for all tastes and at affordable prices. Baja Properties’ seasoned staff is claimed to help you find your perfect property in Mexico, and their dedication is what makes them different. This agency has six office locations throughout the Los Cabos area to cater to the needs of all customers.

SEO Campaign Goals

Right from the beginning, we agreed with the client that we would launch a location-specific SEO campaign targeted at the USA region. The following locations were considered for promotion:

  • Mexico
  • Los Cabos
  • Cabo San Lucas
  • San Jose del Cabo
  • Los Barriles

There was a different landing page for each location, which is the right solution in terms of SEO for the sites of this kind. Some time later, we added two more regions for promotion:

  • The Pacific
  • The East Cape

Our main goal was to strengthen the position of the client’s website and make it rank in Google TOP for all high-priority categories. We also aimed at helping Baja Properties gain recognition on the real estate market, making use of competitive advantages and unmatched trustworthiness. Of course, this was meant to result in an increase in organic traffic and impressions, revenue boost, and conversion rate improvement.

Our Strategy

Before the SEO campaign was started, we had researched the semantic core for the real estate niche across the United States. Then we showed the client the existing state of affairs concerning the keywords within their search volumes. After the approval was obtained, we launched the SEO campaign along with a link-building one for the agreed-upon keywords and all long-tail ones to TOP-100.

The next step was to prepare a technical audit and implement it as soon as possible. When doing that, we focused on the promotion of not only certain webpages but the whole website itself. Here’s a complete list of what we found and did:

  • configured 301 redirects for all pages found with different website’s versions (from non-www http to non-www https);
  • added meta tags (titles, descriptions, and H1 tags) for promoted categories and the homepage, optimizing the latter with relevant keywords;
  • increased the website’s page speed by means of caching, image compression and optimization;
  • resolved all the issues with 404 errors by removing broken images and links from other resources;
  • deleted inappropriate fields in structured data and implemented markup data of the organization type;
  • resolved the issue with mixed content found all over the website;
  • added missing alt tags to all images all over the website using relevant keywords;
  • excluded sort pages from being crawled by adding them to the robots.txt file;
  • configured 301 redirects for duplicate pages that had the same content;
  • generated an actual sitemap (excluding 404/301 error pages, canonical and noindex URLs) after fixing all errors and then added it to the root directory of the website;
  • wrote unique SEO copies for promoted categories using high-volume, relevant keywords.

During the campaign, the client changed the structure of URLs to make them more SEO-friendly. On our part, we helped set up redirects for identical pages. Also, we came across a website copy (the old design version), which still was indexed at that moment. We informed the client and then switched the website to the only version within a few days.

The client chose not to post all the copies written by our team (only 2 of them were posted). Therefore, all SEO results were achieved by means of internal optimization and link building.

Results & Conclusion

Thanks to our close cooperation, we have managed to achieve amazing results for Baja Properties. Not only the keywords for top-priority categories but also many high-frequency and low-frequency ones have entered Google TOP-1. During the 1-year SEO campaign, 724 keywords have reached TOP-1, and 1,262 ones have gone up to TOP-3 (as compared to 9 keywords in TOP-1, and 30 of those in TOP-3 before starting the campaign). The total number of keywords in TOP-100 is 9,040.

There’s no denying that our team has met all the client’s expectations and achieved the desired results as all top-priority categories now rank in TOP-100 and boast a large number of clicks and impressions. Eventually, the organic traffic to has increased by almost 18 times.

We are proud of our work and our cooperation with the client. We’re sure the greatest success awaits Baja Properties, and there’s no limit to how far we can get together!

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