October 12, 2020
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Home decoration store



Domain Age

6 years

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Promotion Period

6 months




+ 203%

traffic from organic search


keywords on TOP-10

+ 4790

increase in visits per month

Client said

Marian Paraschiv

Marian Paraschiv

managing partner

I’ve been working with Meta agency for 6 months now, and I noticed the increase in my Google rankings in about 2 weeks, as they advertised. I wasn’t convinced at first, but now I can definitely recommend them as they do a good job.

Project description

Client Profile

Insignis is Romania’s leading store of home decor items. Here you can find a wide selection of affordable products for both interior and exterior uses, including furniture, lamps, kitchen items, candlesticks, etc. Insignis provides high-quality service and ensures fast shipping across Buсharest and countrywide. The company always strives to do their best for its clients, which is why new items are regularly added to the assortment, the website is being developed, and the business is expanding as much as possible.

SEO Campaign Goals

Our long-term goals were to increase organic traffic to the website, attract more visitors, get more impressions as well as clicks on Google, improve conversion rates, and boost online revenue. We aimed to make the company more competitive while proving to bots and potential buyers that it is trustworthy.

At the onset of the SEO campaign, the client and the Meta agency team agreed on the promotion of.

general keywords for the homepage (e.g., decoratiuni interioare).

product categories (e.g., corpuri de iluminat).

all long tails with rankings in top 100.

In a few months after the campaign was launched, we added 2 more categories to be promoted: chandeliers (lustre) and chairs (scaune).

Our Strategy

First, we conducted keyword research for the two main categories. After that, we analyzed current website rankings and added all relevant keywords to TOP-100 to make sure low-frequency ones will rank better. Our team focused on the most relevant keywords that could increase the website’s conversion rate and reduce its bounce rate.

Next, we fixed errors. Our team prepared a technical audit and then started addressing the key problem areas found in it. Here’s the full list of what we did:

added meta tags for the homepage and other pages under the SEO promotion using relevant high-volume keywords;

increased the website’s page speed (from 86 to 98 in desktop performance and from 47 to 75 for mobile devices);

removed multiple broken links and images; also fixed all 404 errors and made sure the URLs were right;

implemented structured data of the Local Business type and fixed errors in the product page markup;

fixed duplicate URLs (by adjusting a 301 redirect for the homepage clone – index.php);

made changes in the robots.txt file to close the necessary tags and prevent different sort pages and search pages from being crawled;

generated an up-to-date sitemap (without 404/301, canonicalized, and noindex URLs);

wrote unique SEO content for the homepage and other pages under the promotion using relevant keywords;

added missing alt tags to images by means of auto-generation.

At the same time, we launched a link-building campaign to promote not only the main categories but also all general search queries for the website’s subcategories and products. It focused on:

chandeliers (lustre);

lighting (corpuri de iluminat);

interior decor items (decoratiuni interioare);

chairs (scaune).

Our SEO campaign has helped Insignis get the highest rankings for the main keywords for top-priority categories and all long tails with rankings in top 100. Apart from the homepage and these categories, the following pages have got the largest share of traffic (by the number of clicks):



decor items;


Results & Conclusion

After 6 months of the SEO campaign, 232 keywords reached TOP-1, and 1,136 keywords reached TOP-10 (as compared to 4 keywords in TOP-1 and 55 of those in TOP-10 before we started). As of now, one of the main keywords “decoratiuni interioare magazin online” has got the TOP-1 ranking. Besides, the main keyword for the other top-priority category “magazin corpuri de iluminat” has successfully reached TOP-3.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the client, we’ve achieved tangible results by increasing the number of users from organic search by more than 1,000 visitors as soon as during the first month of the promotion. As a result, the client now enjoys increased revenue and better brand awareness among all website visitors.

We continue optimizing the site and will make every effort to maintain and improve the results later on. Meta agency sets its sights on helping the client get to the top for all high-priority keywords. With the already achieved results in mind, we can proudly say that Insignis is now one of the major interior decoration stores in Romania.

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