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Store of household items


Spanish; Castilian

Domain Age

7 years

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Promotion Period

7 months




+ 491%

traffic from organic search


keywords on TOP-10

+ 1360

increase in visits per month

John Doe

John Doe

project owner

I started with the AutoSEO trial, but just in a few days quickly “bet for” FullSEO offer. I only can thank Volodymyr Skyba for his excellent treatment with me and my project, we have been growing since the first day, feeling confidence by having behind a great SEO team, who knows what they are doing.


Project description

Client Profile

Zanvic is a Spain-based online store that offers household and gardening items for sale. On its website, you can find a variety of products that can make your house exterior and interior look more beautiful. The online shop offers a practical selection of everything from furniture and lighting to pet products, and its best-selling items are ones for gardens and teraсes. These guys provide high-quality service and are always ready to help you choose the right product for your house.

SEO Campaign Goals

Before using Semalt services, Zanvic had 2 website language versions: Spanish and French. The business owners soon decided to go for only one version (Spanish) with the main domain. Of course, all the pages in Spanish and French had already been indexed, so we had to resolve this problem.

Once we got started, we encountered another problem. Previously, Zanvic was operating in a different niche, and thousands of irrelevant pages remained in the search results. We had to do our best to remove all irrelevant pages as soon as possible.

At first, our main goals were to switch the website to the only language version, remove old pages from the search results, and fix basic errors. Secondly, we wanted to increase organic traffic to, attract more potential buyers, improve its conversion rates, and boost revenue. Thirdly, we aimed to make the store more recognizable and competitive, thereby proving to bots and visitors that it is trustworthy.

At the beginning of the SEO campaign, we agreed on the promotion of:

  • pots (macetas) category;
  • planters (jardineras) category;
  • all long-tail keywords to reach TOP-100.

Every month following the launch of the campaign, we added new categories related to different types of pots for promotion:

  • self-watering;
  • hanging;
  • clay;
  • plastic;
  • wooden;
  • etc.

Our Strategy

The first step was to research the semantic core in the given niche. Our team analyzed high-volume keywords as well as all the relevant ones that ranked in TOP-100 at that moment. Then we launched the SEO campaign.

Next, the Semalt SEO team prepared a technical audit for the website and started fixing the most significant errors. Here’s a full list of what we did:

  • optimized promoted pages and the homepage by adding high-volume relevant keywords to meta tags; changed the template of meta title and meta description generation for all categories and products;
  • increased the website’s page speed (caching, image optimization, compression, elimination of render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content suggestion for the website);
  • removed multiple broken links and images; fixed all 404 error pages found in old website language versions and made sure URLs were right;
  • implemented structured data of the organization and product types to help search bots better understand what the site was about;
  • configured 301 redirects for all relevant pages, switching from the old /es/ language version to the new one;
  • resolved the problem of duplicate URLs with trailing slashes by setting redirects from the pages without slashes to those with them;
  • removed irrelevant URLs (/es/ and /fr/) from the search results; made sure no sitemaps were available with these pages;
  • modified the robots.txt file to exclude from Google index tags pages and prevent unnecessary sort and search pages from being crawled;
  • generated an actual sitemap (without 404/301, canonical, and noindex URLs) and added it to the robots.txt file;
  • removed H1 tags from all the pages that were not supposed to have ones;
  • wrote unique SEO copies to promote categories using relevant keywords;
  • added missing alt tags to images by means of auto-generation.

At the same time, we started our link-building campaign to promote categories and all relevant keywords from the other subcategories and products to TOP-100. 

During the whole SEO campaign, the team of Zanvic has been engaged in the promotion process. They regularly expanded the product assortment with new items, added new categories, and created unique content. We’ve been working together for months on end to help their products and categories get indexed faster. We have also analyzed relevant keywords for the new content, checked the website for potential 404 errors, and added new relevant long-tail keywords to be promoted.

Our close cooperation with the client has helped get the highest rankings for top-priority categories and make more keywords rank in TOP-100. Apart from the homepage, the following pages have got the largest number of clicks:

  • pots (macetas);
  • clay pots (macetas de barro);
  • planters (jardineras);
  • plastic planters (jardineras de plastico).

Results & Conclusion

After almost 7 months of the SEO campaign for Zanvic, 159 keywords have reached TOP-10, and 2,392 keywords have got to TOP-100 (as compared to 5 keywords in TOP-10 and 120 of those in TOP-100 before starting the campaign). Currently, one of the main keywords jardineras baratas has got the TOP-10 ranking. Another top-priority keyword maceteros altos baratos has successfully reached TOP-5.

Thanks to the SEO campaign, we’ve increased the number of website users from organic search twice in one month and 14 times over 7 months. We’ve removed all irrelevant pages from the search results and made sure only trustworthy categories are available. As a result, has become more popular among visitors, experiencing major brand awareness improvements.

We are proud of having achieved extremely positive results for Zanvic. The site is regularly updated with new content and products, so there’s no denying that it will reach the highest peak in the near future. At Semalt, we are 100% sure that Zanvic will break new product selling records while keeping growing and extending its coverage all over Spain.

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